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Matthew Radics releases The Wake Up EP -

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Son of Jamaican superstar Jack Radics, Matthew grew up between London and Jamaica and has been around the music industry for as long as he can remember. Heavily influenced by the classic music and performers of his fathers generation mixed with the more modern influences he heard growing up between London, New York and Jamaica his music is a mixture of Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Neo Soul and Indie Pop. Seeing himself mainly as a lyricist he has performed worldwide as a singer, singjay, rapper and DJ on many Hip Hop and Reggae shows and festivals.

His latest EP 'The Wake Up' is a laid back concious hip hop observation of the abnormality of normal life in modern society as he see's it. Featuring beats by Portugals legendary Hip Hop producer Kron of GovSom and Triangle Durado fame, Brother Rivah Jordan and Elliot Yorke as well as a feature from London rapper H2O who is also Matthew's cousin, The Wake Up is calm easy listening on the surface with lyrics deep as any lagoon.

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