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Posted by: Sophie McEvoy


Artist in Focus | Matthew Radics

As I mentioned in my introducing post on Mel’s Love, I’m not entirely (if at all) verse on the hip-hop/rap world. Even more so with the realm of reggae. When I do come across such artists though, it is rewarding to discover how in love musicians such as Matthew Radics are with their music and artistry.

Especially when artists such as Radics aren’t in it for the fame; they strive in creativity and producing statements against current issues. Radics not only commentates on the fine line humanity walks alongside poverty, governmental control, slavery and war, but also works with exclusively with the younger generation that is often misinterpreted by the government.

Radics hones his talent through the production company Soundkillaz Music, a family run group who specialize ‘in reggae music, dancehall and hip-hop’. Radics strives in his musical environment, and ‘enjoys making and performing different styles of music, want[ing] to do [so for] as long as possible.’

Through Soundkillaz Music, Radics has released an EP entitled ‘The Wake Up’. The EP consists of five tracks (‘All I Got’, ‘Go Hard’, ‘Save Us’, ‘I Choose’ and ‘So Wicked’) that serve as a commentary on current political and social issues, complied to a reggae/hip-hop infused beat. Radics produces each track with a common thread, whilst making them individual to one another.

The first release of the EP, ‘Go Hard’, demonstrates Radics passion and talent for his music, whilst also producing a strangely latin-esque hip-hop track with reggae undertones. The track ‘Save Us’ in particular strikes a chord with the line ‘because the government betrayed us, to a system that enslaved us.’

Professionally produced and creatively rich, Radics' EP ‘The Wake Up’ validates his – and Soundkillaz Music – undeniable passion for music. Even before the release of ‘The Wake Up’, Radics' performed across the world in Jamaica, Italy, America, Portugal and Serbia to name a few, and has worked on ‘countless videos … [with] his single ‘Lonely’ from the album Ja Rydaz [producing] the most views on Soundkillaz TV, and was aired on numerous channels and programs in 2009 when it was released.’

Matthew Radics is definitely one to watch, and this EP is a must-listen; particularly in the current socio-political climate.

Follow Matthew on:

Facebook: Matthew Radics Music

SoundCloud: matthewradics

Linked In: Matthew Radics

Twitter: @MatthewRadics

YouTube: Soundkillaz Music Network

Instagram: @matthewradics

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