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Singer Songwriter Lyricist Director Producer

First child of reggae superstar Jack Radics; Matthew grew up around the reggae music industry until he left jamaica to finish high school in london. During his time in london Matthew got into sports and acting and began experimenting with different genres of music and jobs in the entertainment industry. A semi professional career in athletics was cut short due to a change of direction and Matthew began to persue his musical ambitions full time. Developing a musical style that is a mix of Reggae, HipHop, Dancehal and Indie Pop. He has since gone on to work with various groups and labels across various musical genres as a writer, producer, vocalist, performer and film maker. His main projects now mainly include running label SoundKillaz Music, with his brother Rivah Jordan. Matthew enjoys making and performing different styles of music and wants to do it for as long as possible and enjoyable.

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